The Battle of the Brewery Brands Finals

The Battle of the Brewery Brands Finals

Battle of the Brewery Brands Vol 2

Merch & Magic (AKA In-Brewery Experience)

It’s the Final Battle-Round (da-na-na-na, da-na-na-na-nuh!)

The time has come for the final round in the Battle of Brewery Brands. Eight amazing breweries entered the ring this summer. Only one will reign champion.

For round 3, the two remaining breweries were judged on their merchandise and “magic.” (Magic refers to the in-brewery experience.)

Without further adieu, here’s the assessment…

FINAL ROUND (Frothy Beard vs. Holy City)


Frothy’s merch selection mostly focuses on apparel. There’s a wall of t-shirt designs to choose from as well as a handful of different hats. Nothing too out of the box, but everything looks solid.


If you haven’t stepped inside Frothy’s taproom in West Ashley, it’s time to make the trip. The space is huge and includes tons of inside seating, a private event space, upstairs balcony, and outdoor patio. With live music, lively crowds, and Zombie Bob’s pizza built right in, the brewery feels much more like a cool bar. We appreciated the murals on the private event space walls. And the presence of some obscure memorabilia (troll dolls, old gaming consoles, etc.) had us reminiscing about Frothy’s old joint in North Charleston. Frothy also gets kudos for offering half-pours, which allowed us to sample more of the goods. The dog-friendly outdoor patio only offers a view of the shopping center parking lot, but it’s so nicely landscaped that you quickly forget that. All in all, a highly magical experience.


Holy City KNOWS how to merchandise. They offer everything from koozies and t-shirts to cups, hats, stickers, glasses, socks and…SOAP? Love the creativity they’re bringing to the merchandise aspect of their business. Props.


With an indoor/outdoor open-air concept, Holy City has a true brewery vibe. The space offers plenty of tvs, tons of seating, cool murals, games, and more. The menu is way more upscale than what you’d expect from pub food, and the food is off the hook. The only downsides were trying to escape the Charleston heat and the overwhelming smell emanating from the spent grains sitting out front. (The grains also might have contributed to the aggressive presence of flies, which got a little out of control while we were trying to eat the awesome food.)

SUMMARY: Holy City definitely takes Frothy Beard in merchandise, but when it comes to the magical in-brewery experience, Frothy delivers enough to push them through to victory.

WINNER: Frothy Beard

Congratulations to Frothy Beard on being crowned Charleston’s second-ever BEST BRANDED BREWERY. It’s an honor to drink your beer.

If you enjoyed the Battle of Brewery Brands, tell us what breweries you want to see represented next year. And stay hoppy, Charleston.

Battle of the Brewery Brands Vol 2

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