The Battle of the Brewery Brands, Year Two, Round Two

The Battle of the Brewery Brands, Year Two, Round Two

Battle of the Brewery Brands Vol 2

Round 2: Craft Creativity (Beer Names & Flavors)

This summer, Schmoll Creative kicked off the Battle of Brewery Brands. Eight amazing breweries went head-to-head in the first round. The breweries were judged on can design and beer deliciousness. And only four moved on.

For round two, those four victors competed on Craft Creativity: the most clever, original, unexpected, and interesting beer names and beer flavors. This round did NOT take into account beer taste, as that was assessed in round 1.

Here’s what happened…

Group A/B (Lo-Fi vs. Frothy Beard)

Lo-Fi – NAMES:

Some of the beer names we saw at Lo-Fi included Mexican Lager, Blueberry Lager, Chocolate Deluxe Stout, and the ultimate: Glitter Pony. Aside from Glitter Pony, we felt Lo-Fi was missing an opportunity to bring its super-fly branding into its beer names.


Lo-Fi’s on-tap selection is more limited than the other three breweries in this round. But with both Mexican and blueberry lagers available, the brewery brings more creativity to its beer flavors than we would expect from a small, local brewery.

Frothy Beard – NAMES:

Frothy has far more beers on tap to choose from than Lo-Fi, giving it an advantage in this round. And they don’t miss an opportunity to come up with a good name: Sip Sip Pass IPA, Summer Summer Summer Lime, Zingiber Ginger Pale Ale, Back from the Dead Porter, Walhallaweisse Hefeweizen, Holy Water, and of course, Meloncholy and the Infinite Seedless…I mean, come on! That’s amazing.

Frothy Beard – FLAVORS:

Flavor creativity is also high at frothy with jalapeno-cilantro, blackberry-sage, peach, fresh cucumber, toasted coconut, and even Butterfly Pea Tea all working with the delicious hops.

SUMMARY: With a clear emphasis on creativity in both names and flavors (and some of the best puns we’ve seen to date), Frothy Beard crushes this round.

WINNER: Frothy Beard

Group C/D (Revelry vs. Holy City)

Revelry -NAMES:

Some of beer we enjoyed on Revelry’s beautiful rooftop included Craftstown Brown Ale, Lefty Loosey IPA, Layday Summer Ale, Poke the Bear APA, Church Lady ESP, It’s Always Sunny IPA, Lazy Lover Belgium, Hotel Rendezvous Wheat, and Gaslight Porter. We like what Revelry is working with from a naming standpoint for sure.

Revelry- FLAVORS:

On the flavor front, Revelry plays it pretty straight. The flavors are all solid, of course, but largely traditional/expected. No huge wow factors in the lineup.

Holy City – NAMES:

At Holy City, you can try taps upon taps of beer with clever and curious names like Dear Mr. Buffet, 50 Shades of Green, White Whale Rye, Watermelon Pedishaw, Chucktown Follicle Brown, Overly Friendly IPA, Honey Combover, Unbridled Enthusiasm, and our favorite, Celmentitous. I think it’s safe to say the names at Holy City speak for themselves.

Holy City – FLAVORS:

As far as flavors go, we were impressed by Holy City offering a Nitro Double IPA on tap. Other flavors that struck our frothy-fancy were mint, hibiscus, sea salt, and carrot cake. All in all, a strong showing from the North Chuck brewery.

SUMMARY: Both breweries brought the heat with the name game, but for its “unbridled enthusiasm” for flavor creativity, this round goes to Holy City.
WINNER: Holy City

Next month is the FINAL round where we’ll be looking at Merchandise and Magic (aka in-brewery ambiance). Either Frothy Beard or Holy City will be named the new BEST BRANDED BREWERY IN CHARLESTON!!! Don’t miss it!

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