The Battle of the Brewery Brands Finals

Merch & Magic (AKA In-Brewery Experience) It’s the Final Battle-Round (da-na-na-na, da-na-na-na-nuh!) The time has come for the final round in the Battle of Brewery Brands. Eight amazing breweries entered the ring this summer. Only one will reign champion. For round 3, the two remaining breweries were judged on their merchandise and “magic.” (Magic refers [...]

The Battle of the Brewery Brands, Year Two, Round Two

Round 2: Craft Creativity (Beer Names & Flavors) This summer, Schmoll Creative kicked off the Battle of Brewery Brands. Eight amazing breweries went head-to-head in the first round. The breweries were judged on can design and beer deliciousness. And only four moved on. For round two, those four victors competed on Craft Creativity: the most [...]

Tips for the Stormiest Brainstorms

Tips for the Stormiest Brainstorms Less than excited for another boring, time-sucking, bad-idea producing brainstorm? (Note: There are no bad ideas in brainstorming. As cringe-worthy as an idea might sound, bad ideas can spark brilliant ones.) But brainstorms don’t have to be dreadful. Keep them interesting and stormy with these tips. Ask people to come [...]

Battle of the Breweries: FINAL ROUND

Battle of the Breweries, FINAL ROUND! The final round of the Battle of the Brewery Brands is HERE. We started with 16 Charleston-area breweries, which have competed head to head in the categories of design, copywriting, and online presence. For the final battle, we went to both breweries and judged them on the in-person experience…and [...]

#Branding: Why and How to Grow Your Following on Instagram

A few weeks ago, while grabbing dinner at Eli’s Table, I asked the server for his recommendations on appetizers. He pointed out one that was best for sharing, one that’s the restaurant’s specialty, and one that’s best for…wait for it…Instagram pics. Earlier this year, I also visited Miami for the first time. Specifically, I stayed [...]