Why Consumers Ignore You

Why Consumers Ignore You – For years your business has been pumping out traditional advertising and for years it has worked. Why bother changing up your marketing strategies now? Well, frankly, because it might not work as well anymore. After decades of coming face-to-face with traditional advertising, consumers are learning how to tune out commercials [...]

Creating Brand Loyalty

Creating Brand Loyalty – In simplest terms, brand loyalty means to build a strong base of customers who will keep returning to a business because they feel confident in the company’s products and services. They believe the business delivers on or even exceeds the claims featured in its advertising and promotional materials. These repeat customers […]

Hire a Graphic Designer

Hire a Graphic Designer –Whether it’s an outdoor sign, a printed piece or your online presence, the graphic design associated with your company is often the first thing that customers see. For this reason, it is singularly important that you find a professional design company to help you develop this presence across all your marketing […]

Johns Island Farmers Market

CHARLESTON, S.C. –The Homegrown Johns Island Farmers Market launched a new and improved website (www.johnsislandfarmersmarket.com) on Monday thanks to a little help from a local creative design studio.  Kevin Schmoll of Schmoll Creative, who is also based on Johns Island, donated his time and talents to the group.  “I wanted to directly support someone in [...]

Facebook, Social Media, and the Cure for Internet Road Rage

As a full-time editor for a technology company, a freelance copywriter, and free-time blogger, I spend about 28 hours a day staring at a computer screen. Despite all that time, I tend to steer clear of social media sites because quite frankly, they make me hate people. Facebook® makes me hate my friends. Twitter® makes […]

Real-time Marketing Marks the Latest Trend in Digital Strategy

OH GHEEZ. Another marketing buzz phase I’ll have to learn and be able to regurgitate sometime again in the future? But hey, what is it exactly? Maybe you heard all the buzz surrounding Pharrell William’s fashionable but tall brown park ranger hat he wore at the Grammys? Someone on twitter joked that it resembled the […]

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Beth Ann Holbrook Schmoll Creative Brings a Fresh Approach to Branding and Design in Charleston and Beyond. Newly launched creative studio offers affordable, high quality creative services. (Charleston, SC – Feb. 19, 2014) Working with the creative side of advertising – from a freelance graphic designer to a full-service marketing firm [...]