Battle of the Breweries: Round Three

Battle of the Breweries: Round Three

Battle of the Breweries, Round 3

Battle of the Breweries: Round 3

Who’s ready for Round 3 of the Battle of the Brewery Brands? We’ve gone from 16 craft-y contenders down to the final frothy four. In this round, we’re reviewing the breweries’ websites and social media properties to see which ones are maximizing their use of the digital space.

Battle of the Breweries, Round 3

Round 3: Digital Presence (Website/Social Media) – Group A

Westbrook vs. COAST

Westbrook offers three digital properties for beer-lover perusal: a website, the Facebooks, and Twitter. The website is easy to navigate on a desktop but alas, not so much on a mobile device. On Facebook, Westbrook posts a few times a week to keep fans up to date on brewery happenings. Westbrook uses Twitter less frequently and predominantly retweet what others are saying.

COAST comes to the match-up with all the same digital properties as Westbrook along with an Instagram page. COAST’s website is clean and mobile-friendly, giving it a leg up over Westbrook from a user experience standpoint. Like Westbrook, COAST uses Facebook to entice patrons to swing by—posting about events, hours of operation, and what’s on tap. COAST repurposes much of the same content on Twitter. It’s Instagram that COAST uses most frequently and effectively, showing off its authentic brand personality.

For both the mobile-friendly website and Instagram success, this one goes to COAST.


Battle of the Breweries, Round 3

Round 3: Digital Presence (Website/Social Media) – Group B

Ghost Monkey vs. Low Tide

Despite its newness, Ghost Monkey has a solid website with responsive design, making it easy to browse on a mobile device. You can even purchase an annual Growler Club membership online, which sounds super awesome! All the Monkey’s social feeds are primarily used to promote events and highlight special-release beers, using much of the same content across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Low Tide is competing with a website, Facebook, Instagram, and Untappd, an app for beer lovers. Of all the websites in our final four, Low Tide is the most modern, offering a great user experience on both desktop and mobile. While Low Tide puts much of the same content on Facebook and Twitter, that content does an excellent job of conveying the brand voice. And bonus points for thinking outside the hops: Low Tide even created a Snap Chat filter!

For its user-friendly website and social properties that are used for more than just self-promotion, this round goes to Low Tide.

WINNER: Low Tide

Tune in next month for fourth and final round. In this ultimate hops-to-hops match-up, we’ll visit both COAST and Low Tide. By assessing the in-person brewery experience—including the beer itself—we’ll name one of these two Charleston’s Best Branded Brewery.

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