Building a Brand Strategy

September 4, 2014 Schmoll Creative

Building a Brand Strategy

Building a Brand Strategy

Building a Brand Strategy –Business owners spend time, money and effort into building their brand. Their logo has attained a certain amount of recognition and their brand means something. For the small business owner, having a strong brand is important for a lot of reasons but the main reason a strong brand is important is how it works with other parts of an overall marketing plan. Having a brand strategy in place gives marketing another powerful tool to use

What’s in a brand strategy?

Brand Promise – What will the brand deliver to the client or customer? Answering that will be a big part of the brand strategy focus.

Brand Personality – How will this brand “feel” or “act”? The “attitude” of a brand goes a long way to targeting audiences.

Market Positioning – Where will this brand be positioned in the marketplace? What type of customer will this brand be offered to? Will this be a “need” product? To decide this, other parts of the branding strategy will come into play.

Value Proposition – What is the physical impact of the brand? What does the emotional impact need to be? What features are available for “added value”? This has to do with looks, purpose and other factors but has to be considered as a part of strategies for branding.

So, what does this mean as a part of a larger marketing plan?

By leveraging a brand into a marketing tool, marketers accomplishing at least two goals:

First, you’re putting the brand in front of more people. Getting that brand, that name in front of eyeballs is key to building great brand recognition. By having a brand strategy that attracts attention through placement and through content, the marketing department truly is able to drive sales.

Secondly, a brand strategy builds on the efforts of the past and future strategies can build on this one. By making the brand part of an overall plan, each piece builds on others, even if the marketing plan changes.

A well executed branding strategy as a part of a well designed and executed marketing plan will not only put the brand in the minds of prospective customers, but will build a foundation that can be used for years.

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