Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing – Storytelling is the oldest form of marketing a product and email is a great marketing tool. Put them together and you have a powerful source that builds a lasting relationship with consumers. Email marketing is best at achieving a better response rate than any other online marketing tool. Its effectiveness has a lot more to do with showing the authenticity of a business story by outlining the core principles. The goal is to gain a positive reaction from a designated audience. It seems like an easy formula to learn, but it takes time to master the format.

How To Create An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

The ultimate goal before hitting the send button, understand your message. Successful email marketers engage their target audience to respond with a comment, which gives your brand immediate credibility in the marketplace. Your ultimate goal is to have the conversation centered around your product.

There’s no argument for small businesses not using some form of email marketing. Potentially, the amount of eyes that could open and read the copy from your email is well worth the initial investment. The more difficult task is figuring out the amount of time and effort needed to achieve this goal.

You need to find out quickly whether or not you’re delivering the right message to your target audience. Personalizing your emails can increase their effectiveness. It’s human nature to open emails that are addressed directly to you by using your first name. For whatever reason, this approach has proven to be successful in building a bond with a target audience.

Don’t create “email fatigue,” as the length of the content can aversely affect the conversation rate. The reader could become frustrated if there’s too much content or slow-loading graphics that are embedded into the copy. Try to avoid using attachments at all costs, and if you need to send documents, try providing a link on your website to view them.

Try experimenting with sending your emails on different days and times. The best course is splitting the email marketing campaign in half and send the first part on one day and the other on another. Track the results, then repeat the campaign on which day works better in attracting the target group.

Measuring ROI

Measuring a return on investment (ROI) from an email marketing campaign isn’t an easy process, as the results aren’t immediate. The ideal scenario is having a customer click onto your company’s website and purchasing an item. Some businesses become frustrated because they cannot define whether or not a campaign is working or wasting valuable resources. You’ll have to understand that simply sending an email isn’t enough to gain interest from a target audience, as interaction is the only source to monitor if they’re hearing the message at all.

The first indicator is the view rate numbers or how many individuals are actually opening your emails. This number can be obtained from your server that counts all recipients who have opened recently sent emails by your account. Another source is the click-through rate, which accounts for the number of people that click onto a link embedded into your email. Finally, the conversion rate covers the number of email visitors that become paying customers.

What Went Wrong
First, you must ask the question to yourself: Why did we receive a high number of requests to be removed off our emailing list. If the number increases over time, then you must re-evaluate the content. Is it too lengthy, do we need to change the frequency rate or is the content lacking quality?

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