The Science behind the Art of Creativity

The Science behind the Art of Creativity

The Science behind the Art of Creativity

The Science behind the Art of Creativity

Think of the last time you had a brilliant idea. In the moment right before that idea came to exist, your mind shut down everything else. Why? This allows the problem-solver to block everything else out and look inward to find and retrieve subconscious ideas. Scientist have named that moment the “brain blink.”

So what does brain blinking have to do with freelancing? Simply put, awesome creative work comes from brain blinks.

The more important question is “How do we continue to keep creative brains blinking day in and day out?” As it turns out, there’s an art and a science to creative inspiration. Below are five tips to help trigger brain-blinking brilliance in your creative work.

Color-Conscious Decisions:
Not shockingly, the colors that surround us can impact our levels of creative thinking. Blue hues, which we naturally associate with safety to explore new ideas, produce twice as many results in brainstorms than other color environments. People tested in green environments score 20% higher on creativity tests. And yellow rooms deliver more open chatter, socializing, and idea sharing.

To the Left, to the Left: The right side of our brains processes color, images, and creative thinking. And our left hand helps activate that side. During your next creative concept session, do something with your left hand while brainstorming, like squeezing a stress ball or playing left-handed catch with a hacky sack.

Sleep like a Baby: Although researchers agree that nothing can force a brain blink moment, some factors may help facilitate one. Sleep and mood are two of these factors. Memory consolidation happens when you sleep. This process brings out hidden details and non-obvious connections between ideas. The bottom line? More sleep means more insight, which means more moments of brilliance.

Inspiration Wall: Nothing inspires greatness like greatness. Turn one area of your creative space into an ode to inspiration. Pin up examples of marketing executions that deliver impressive strategy, clever copywriting, and thoughtful design. Showcase examples of what competitors are doing—both good and bad—to remind yourself how to stand out from the pack. And most importantly, put up your own best creative work—both in-progress and finished pieces.

Different Strokes: Quite possibly the most important way to inspire creativity is to give yourself the freedom and flexibility to create a work environment that you find inspirational. Many designers prefer dark work spaces so they can better see their screens. Writers often like quiet settings so they can better hear how sentences and phrases sound. Create a space that encourages your own best thinking.

Triggering brain blink moments isn’t easy. But if you pay attention to both the art and science of creating an inspiring workspace, you’re likely to find those brain blinks happening faster and easier than before.

How do you inspire your brain blinks? Tell us in a comment.

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