Five Ways to Build a Social Brand from Scratch

Five Ways to Build a Social Brand from Scratch

Five Ways to Build a Social Brand from Scratch

Five Ways to Build a Social Brand from Scratch

With Local Expert Sarah Kronemeyer

With 10 years of experience in the digital marketing and media industry, Sarah Kronemeyer is a local expert on the social space. In the past year alone, Sarah has managed the social media strategy for a wide range of brands, delivering engaging content and building up enthusiastic audiences…she was even a finalist in the AMA Spark Awards for her efforts!

In this blog post we asked Sarah to share her top five tips on building a social brand from scratch.

1. Plan your work; work your plan. Social Media is not an afterthought in the marketing landscape; it is the landscape. Give this medium the respect it deserves by taking the time to define a clear, thoughtful strategy for your organic and paid social presence.

2. Narrow your focus, and know your audience. It’s better to do one thing extremely well than ten things halfway. Define the top three social channels that are most important to your brand and OWN them.

3. Get inspired. It’s okay to be inspired by the content of brands you admire. Chances are, they were inspired by others as well. Keeps your eyes peeled for trends and great content that you can emulate.

4. Be consistent. What’s here this morning is gone by noon. To remain a relevant part of the conversation, you must constantly contribute.

5. Stay committed. Continuously invest in quality content development (photography, videography, writing) with a “social first” mindset.

The Power of Freelance Partnerships

The best part of working with Schmoll Creative is you can tap into local experts just like Sarah! We have plenty of connections and relationships with freelance professionals around the Lowcountry who are ready to work for you. Need a super-smart media buying strategy? Sarah’s got you covered. Looking for a clever copywriter? There’s a Schmoll-ster for that! Want a killer PR pro? We’ve got one on speed dial. Tell us what your needs are, and we’ll build your freelance dream team.

Five Ways to Build a Social Brand from Scratch

About Sarah Kronemeyer

Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit began at the early age of 13 when she started and ran a produce stand—GNS Produce—on her family’s farm in Tennessee. Today, Sarah offers a range of services for her clients, including digital marketing strategy, media planning & buying (paid social, paid search, broadcast, digital display), social media content development, and organic social media management. And did we mention she’s Google Adwords certified? Talk about expertise! You can reach Sarah via email at or by phone at 772.538.6428.

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