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Building the Brand

Roxbury Mercantile

History has a funny way of repeating itself—and in the case of Roxbury Mercantile, you’ll be glad it does. I created a southern inspired logo, menus, apparel and so much more.

Project Role: Brand Development, Logo Design, and Graphic Design.

Building the Brand

Brand Positioning

History has a funny way of repeating itself—and in the case of Roxbury Mercantile, you’ll be glad it does.

For nearly six decades, family-owned Roxbury Mercantile served as the social hub of the Edisto Island area, bringing together locals and visitors alike. When the beloved country store tragically burned down, a local shrimp boat captain founded a restaurant on the same site to keep the land local and continue serving the community. But as history would have it, Roxbury Mercantile is back.

Today, you can find the revived and renewed Roxbury Mercantile where it all began, now transformed into a welcoming restaurant serving up fresh, local cuisine in the Lowcountry. Whether you’re a local looking for good food and great company, or you’re a visitor soaking up all the beauty this area has to offer, we’ve got you covered. Sit underneath our sprawling oaks, sip on a glass of whatever tickles your fancy, and savor the place where history and hospitality meet. Come on in and see the difference a lifetime of history makes.

Single Differentiating Brand Idea :

Roxbury Mercantile offers unmatched hospitality and affordable, quality Lowcountry cuisine, all in an inviting atmosphere backed by generations of family history and endless experience serving the community.

Tagline Options:

Roxbury Mercantile
Affordable. Fresh. Family Owned.

Roxbury Mercantile
Where history meets hospitality.

Roxbury Mercantile
Serving local cuisine and a lifetime of history.

Graphic Design, Package Design & Promotional

Where history meets hospitality

Roxbury Mercantile
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