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Viscid Surf was a comprehensive brand development project that I spearheaded from concept to completion. I began with an idea and transformed it into a thriving brand through the creation of a new logo, a mobile-friendly e-commerce website, package design, apparel, and more. Each aspect of the brand was meticulously crafted to ensure that it aligned with our vision and goals for success in the market. With this complete approach to branding, Viscid Surf has become an established player in its industry.

Project Role: Brand Development, Logo Design, UX/UI, Ecommerce, Graphic Design, and Package Design.

Brand Building

Hand-Poured + Organic Surf Wax

For summer seekers, wave catchers. For those who feel right at home in the middle of the ocean. For the ones who never stop hunting for that perfect wave. Who appreciate a labor of love, and support businesses built on passion and perseverance…this is your surf wax.

Based in sunny Charleston, South Carolina, Viscid Surf was brought to life based on the idea that there’s a value to something being made by hand with love and authenticity and care. And that’s exactly how we make our surf wax.

Developed and used by avid East Coast surfers, Viscid Surf Wax is a hand-poured, organic blend made with no harsh chemicals from locally sourced beeswax. Our unique eco-friendly wax is non-toxic, biodegradable, and it features a bumpy texture and added stickiness that traditional petroleum-based waxes simply don’t deliver.

At Viscid, we’re proud to offer a homegrown surf wax that provides an unmatched grip and lasting traction. And we hope you’ll be proud to call it your brand.

Single Differentiating Brand Idea:

Using earth-friendly, locally sourced beeswax, Viscid Surf Co. hand creates super-sticky surf wax for lasting grip and traction.

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Viscid Surf
Apply. Surf. Repeat

Logo Design

UX/UI and Ecommerce

Graphic Design, Package Design & Promotional