Battle of the Breweries: Round One

Battle of the Breweries, Round 1 We’re pretty open about the fact that we love beer. And we’re stoked that Charleston’s seeing more and more kick-ass breweries open around town each year. So in true Schmoll Creative fashion, we’re hosting a digital Battle of the Breweries. Sixteen local breweries will compete in head-to-head match-ups, and [...]

How to Avoid Killing Your Own Creative Process

How to Avoid Killing Your Own Creative Process Despite the fact that creatives and their clients both want the same thing—to deliver the best work on any given project—it can often feel like we’re battling against each other instead of playing on the same team. What many clients don’t realize is how important their role [...]

Graphic Design – Using Fonts

Graphic design trends and standards are always changing, but creating graphics that follow recent trends for services and businesses can help to build successful advertisements and identities.  Some of the recent trends in graphic design include flat designs that follow the standards of minimalism, pages that have full images or videos in the background, grid [...]